7 February 2010

Brave Suzanne.

A lighthearted aside.

It's snowing in Evergreen today. Ah, finally. Snow. How long has it been? 2 weeks? 4 weeks? Long enough so that the last snowfall has begun to melt and brown patches of tall grass interrupted my normally snow-covered fields. So, yes, today's snowfall however light, made my day.

As to the 'brave Suzanne' headline? Mid-afternoon I decided I had to have Buffalo wings to eat while watching the Super Bowl. So I bundled up and got in the Hummer and drove to the supermarket. I thought, what a brave girl I am to venture out in this snowstorm to get the makings for wings.


What a Florida girl I am.

As I drove by the lake at the center of town, I looked over to see at least fifty brave souls not letting a light two inches of snow curtail their afternoon of ice skating.

And the supermarket, packed.

Brave Suzanne.


That's the lake! I've ice skated on that lake.

And, yes. I hit the supermarket close to game time as well. Long, long lines. Gawkers in the aisles. Patience required.
Eva said…
Just read your story "unemployment blues" and I so much sympathize. I know this problem very well. Last time I was looking for a job, it was at 54; then I started a business of my own. Now I receive old people's pension and serve some customers, too.
I know what it is like to get all these negative answers, although you're well educated and intelligent. Often, it made me bitter. We all need some encouragement from outside from time to time.--
I would have clicked the "liked the story"-button, but as I have a big fat directory of identities and passwords already, I pledged myself to free motion.
Thank you for the comment! The colorful thing there is part of my water color pic collection, not necessarily a planned quilt; your remark made me think about it.

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