3 February 2010

On Monday, after another day of applying to jobs, I sent an email to Marc Cenedella, President of The Ladders.com, a job hunting website that I subscribe to. In addition to running that site, Marc sends our an email newsletter and runs a blog with job hunting advice.

My decision to send an email to him was completely spontaneous. In fact, what I did was send him a copy of a recent post I wrote after the President's SOTU address in which I lamented the lack of progress I was having with my job hunt and my resulting frustration.

Remarkably, I received a reply from someone at the Ladders within 24 hours, a detailed email full of suggestions on how to better use their website to improve my job search as well as encouragement to contact them with any questions I might have. I also received a follow up email from Marc.

The point of this post is twofold:

1) Sometimes, perhaps more often than not, if we are proactive we achieve amazing results that do indeed help us to move forward in our projects.

2) Customer service is, or should be, a company's most valuable asset. The Ladders showed that my membership and my feedback was valued. That's how you attract and maintain customer loyalty.


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