25 February 2010

Excellent day. Went for a walk first thing this morning with Coco. Met one of my neighbors at the end of the road and actually engaged in conversation, not bad for not yet having coffee. It was sunny, though there were enough clouds to remind me that we were due to have snow this afternoon. The dirt road was snow covered but thankfully not slick. Coco seemed to enjoy the walk as much as I did as she ran along the side of the road sniffing what I'm sure were the scents of not other dogs, but other animals that make their home in the woods that separate each home in this area.

I spent most of the day applying for corporate jobs and freelance writing jobs. FIve of each. The best part was that these were jobs that I would enjoy, both on the corporate side and the freelancing. I even went through the Ladders website to send out my resume to 20 of their recruiters. Today I finally managed to do what I've imagined, to dig deeper in the job hunt and pursue more meaningful contacts.

This evening I went to work on my novel and wrote another two pages. I'd love to reach 60,000 words by the end of the month or by the end of next week. Tomorrw, I'm going to switch it up and write in the morning.

Still to do: Push ups, sit ups, make progress in my book club selection.


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