12 February 2010

After my first month in Evergreen, I realized that I was lonely and needed to do something to meet new friends. That need became the impetus to create a book club via the innovative services provided by meetup.com Not only did I have eight book and wine loving people show up at the first meeting, through another group I joined on meetup.com I met a new walking buddy. Lessons learned: 1) if you want something in your life, take action: intention + action = results, 2) the Internet is truly a wonderful resource for accomplishing #1.

After two months of applying for jobs without results, my ego was bruised and I wanted a way to take control of my productivity. While reading an article in Entrepreneur magazine last week, I came across a mention of elance.com, a website which creates a marketplace for freelancers and those seeking their services, to meet and create. So, today I hung out my shingle.

While I will continue to apply for 'traditional' corporate jobs, I am excited to also begin an entrepreneurial endeavor that will allow me to expand my career horizons, work at becoming better at something I love (writing) and feel productive again. I even created a free logo at vistaprints.com (which you can see above) because I like to dream big!

I still worry about the 'what will I do when my lease runs out at the end of May' scenario. Yes, it would certainly make my life easier if I had a great paying, regular job by then and even a house picked out to buy. If I don't I'll have to make some hard decisions. I am grateful, however, for the gift of this period of uncertainty. It has forced me to take risks I wouldn't otherwise have taken and expanded my horizons into areas I only dreamed of. So with the fear, there is an excitement to see where this unexpected path leads.


Anonymous said…
you know what? you continue to inspire me. you are so right about taking action. something i need to take to heart and then just DO. thanks so much
Moll said…
Absolutely. Without uncertainty and struggle we would never figure out what we are made of and what is most important to us. Good luck with elance! I hope it works out.
Anonymous said…
I'm rooting for you twice, first for you yourself and then as inpiration, as I hope to do similarly (writing). A friend of a friend in WA just completed a "technical editing" course and now has work a month after completing it - let me know if you want more info and I can ask. I wish they had such things in the UK!

Hope your mother is fine.

Looking forward to hearing your updates about this new path.
margie said…
thank you for your lovely comments on my vision and verb post. i read your post today and it made me think of that saying "leap and a net will appear".
larramiefg said…
Love the logo and what you're doing: Taking action and offering motivation!
"It has forced me to take risks I wouldn't otherwise have taken"

I think this is why you will find success. Perhaps not exactly in the form you thought, but through opening yourself to new possibilities, the journey will be most interesting.

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