Good News, Part One

This morning as I checked my email, I received a wonderful surprise:

Dear Suzanne Anderson,
Congratulations! Your story is published.
Have a look.

Hot Flashes and Middle Age Angst

By Suzanne Anderson
Isn’t it ironic how middle age means you start developing the voluptuous rounded belly of a fertility goddess at the very same moment you start…


If you'd like to read the story, please click on the link above, or here.

The story is actually from a post I wrote last November based on my experience with the joys of hot flashes and what it meant to be a woman of a certain age. I submitted the article to and forgot about it. Which is why today's email was such a pleasure to receive. After my post yesterday about the patience that is needed when applying for jobs and not receiving any positive feedback to my endless applications, this little bit of recognition was a very welcome surprise. (For the record, that is not me in the picture above.)

As to the mention of 'Part One' in my blog title, that's my fingers crossed optimism that more career good news is on the way.


JCK said…
Oh, my GOD!! I am SO proud of you!!! Go, Suz! Go, Suz!!! This bodes fabulously for the new year, my dear friend. Yeah, you!! Loved the article, by the way. So real. And funny, too.
Yahoo! This is so cool. Good for you!
Keetha said…
Congratulations! How wonderful for you!

I remember that post and it was great - you go!
Anonymous said…
Yea! Congratulations and as they would say here..

Well done you! I have to go read it now.

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