A week or so ago I tried a little experiment. I bought a little bell-shaped bird feeder made of seeds. Since I'd moved into the Swedish farmhouse, I'd noticed little chickadees outside my kitchen window. Now I wanted to see if I could attract their attention with food, and the low start up cost of the seed-bell was the perfect way to begin. Well, needless to say, the little Mountain Chickadees came and within days the seed-bell was gone.

So I decided to up the ante, enlarge my commitment, so to speak. I bought a wire box that holds millet.And that brought out the Stellar Jays.

I decided to go all in. If you read my ill-fated stock trading story yesterday, you'll know I'm just that kinda girl. So I bought an adorable cedar-sided birdfeeder shaped like a little cabin. Suitable architecture for a home in the mountains.

And my investment was rewarded with even more beautiful visitors, like this Northern Flicker!

 Every day brings more happy customers to the irresistable 24/7 buffet. They get fed and I get joy.

I'd say that's a pretty good trade.


Madge said…
very good trade. love the photos
larramiefg said…
What a deal! And how popular are you with feathered friends? There's a lesson here to your overall success, just not certain what it is...
Absolutely a good trade. I've only discovered the joy of watching birds in the past few years. I find I like them more than I ever considered.

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