6 January 10

Today I'm trying to get into more of a routine. Get up at a reasonable hour (7am versus 10am) and then spend the first three hours of the day on the job hunt, sending out resumes, responding to new job listings, etc. Next I work in specific blocks of time for the other projects I'm working on: reacquainting myself with my novel, working on the exercises in The Pathfinder, writing a blog post here, tweeting on twitter, visiting other blogs. The impetus is that hopefully some semblance of structure will help me to track my progress and not let time simply fly by with aimless hours of web surfing or God forbid news junking. (It feels like that's what happened in December, though I know it was much more dramatic and activity filled than that.) And most of all some structure will lead to progress and keep the hounds of fear and self-loathing at bay.


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