5 January 10

This afternoon, after creating a new post over at my other blog: A View From Table One, I tried a little experiment. I imported all the posts from this blog over there. I've actually been toying with this idea for a few weeks.

When I first created this blog a year ago, it was to record my journey towards a special end, the move out west. With the beginning of the New Year, I decided that I would continue the blog as a means to record the next step of my journey which is the search for a meaningful (and profitable) career. My other blog became a weekly forum of articles for whatever was on my mind at the moment, generally my view on something political, cultural, or personal.

For the first year, this separation worked and kept me focused on the task at hand. Now however, I find that I am referring readers to one blog or the other, which may or may not be convenient for them. From my own reading habits, even if I know that a blogger has two sites, I will generally stick to reading one site over the other unless I have an abundance of time. Which is what led me today to use blogger's very simply export/import function to import all of the blog posts from this blog to my original blog.

Now, tell me what you think: Do you manage more than one blog? Does it make sense to maintain two blogs or does one do the job? As a blog reader, do you follow a blogger's multiple sites?


I prefer reading one blog although I did go back and forth with yours. I really love the clean layout of your other blog the best and it's easier to read without the colored background. I tend to like simple when my focus is reading content.
larramiefg said…
And I prefer two separate blogs. Table One appears too congested and in an identity crisis right now.

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