29 January 2010

Today they announced healthy GDP numbers showing a 5.7% growth in the 4th quarter, quickly discounted by news commentators as an indication of inventory replenishment rather than a necessary predictor of job growth. This news seemed to be reflected by the job notice emails in my inbox. There were fewer than usual and I found that in more than one instance, when I clicked on the hyper-link, I was informed that I'd already applied to the job. That was a bit frustrating because I wanted to make more progress in the job hunt and feel that each day not moving forward is a day wasted. So today became a day of housekeeping, going through papers that had accumulated on my desk, writing, and other mundane but necessary tasks that keep our lives in order.

There are a couple jobs that I have (previously) applied to that I seem to be still under consideration for, which if I were given the opportunity, would really enjoy. At the same time, there continues to be in the back of my mind a desire to figure out a career that would enable me to be self-employed. I don't know what that is, or if I am qualified, but it is there (a gently nagging voice) in the back of my mind.


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