19 January 2010

I've moved all of the posts from this blog to my other blog: Suzanne Anderson - Table 1. The reason is twofold: I wanted to make it easier for readers, so that they would have just one place to go rather than two. From my own blogging habits, I know that I prefer to follow a writer on just one blog. Second, I found that especially now that I am working from home, that my thoughts would often overflow from one blog to another, blurring the lines between the two.

I will continue to blog about my job hunt, in fact I've just written a new post on the hunt tonight over at my other blog. And so that blog will now contain both the record of my job hunt/house purchase, as well as my new life in Evergreen, and my usual random essays on whatever piques my interest. My friend Larramie once remarked that my other blog had lost its focus or become rather random....much like my inner and outer life. That remark struck a cord and made me think what I wanted my blog to reflect. I've decided that I want it to reflect me. It will be interesting to see where that journey takes me and how it will be reflected in the shape of the blog from here.


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