1 Jan 09

Last year at this time I started this blog as a means to focus my attention on a long held dream to move out west. It took me nearly a year, but by December I had moved to Evergreen, Colorado.Whether this will ultimately be my new hometown remains to be seen and depends on a number of factors including my ability to find or create a career in the area.

While I've taken the first step in realizing the dream that created this blog last year, I still have a long way to go. Which is why I will continue to use this blog to record the next step in my journey, creating a career that inspires me as seminal endeavors in my past have done. As I mentioned in my New Year's post on A View From Table One, the happiest people I know share one thing in common, they LOVE what they do for a living. In my own life, I can site two similar instances when I was in the 'flow' of life and doing what I was meant to do at that moment: when I was a young competitive swimmer, and later, in my early twenties and first went to work on Wall Street.

So this year, my touchstone is CAREER, and my intention is to create a career that utilizes my natural talents and passions, whose pursuit brings me the joy that I've felt in the past. My first step has been reading The Pathfinder, by Nicholas Lore, the founder of the Rockport Institute, one of the foremost career advising firms in the country. I'm also applying to jobs that speak to my heart rather than my business brain. While I don't yet have an actual picture in my mind of what my perfect career will be, I have instead an impression that currently is nothing more than a feeling of me at my best, happy, excited, and brave enough to try out a few dreams. And that feels good. Now I just have to figure out how to bring that to fruition....and get paid for it!


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