Well it's official. The movers came today to get our stuff. We wanted to get it on the truck and out of our condo early so that we could spend our last week here getting the rest of the condo straightened out. It will also allow us to enjoy a relaxed Thanksgiving feast with friends before we leave the following week. We're having our Hummer shipped since we didn't want to chance a drive in unpredictable winter weather, so we'll leave Florida and arrive in Colorado all in the same day!

I can't begin to describe how tired I am, but also how thrilled I am that the boxes are gone and with them there is a finality that this is really real, no looking back!


Whew! I know exactly how you feel having packed up my stuff in May for shipping to England.

I hope you and your mom have a lovely Thanksgiving feast and a safe journey in the direction of your dreams.
larramiefg said…
This was NEVER about looking back for you goal was to move forward. And NOW you will!

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