14 November 09

This has been a very productive week. We now have 40 packed boxes and last night I  made arrangements for all the utilities, cable, and internet to be placed in my name. Incredibly I was able to accomplish all of this over the phone and online. Yes, I am old enough to remember when this same project would have entailed car trips to each service provider, long waits in long lines and inevitably tears of frustration. Yet another reason to celebrate the joys of progress and the Internet.

I decided to fly and have my car shipped, so yesterday I bought one-way plane tickets to Denver and arranged a rented car while we wait to mine to arrive. I also spent a great deal of yesterday searching for a reliable auto transporter and a mover, which seems like an oxymoron given the consumer horror stories one reads about cars held hostage or lost or delayed or household goods broken or lost in transit or held for ransom when the original cost suddenly doubles once it reaches its destination. This search entailed one screen open to google to check reviews of each company, one to the Better Business Bureau to check their rating, and my phone nearby to answer their calls. I have finalists in each category and will have the whole things wrapped up on Monday.

All of this is to provide a progress report on our move and to justify why I woke up this morning dirt tired and a bit crabby and with every plan to spend the entire morning in bed (yes, noon.). Of course, this would also be the morning that my mother had scheduled cleaners to come to the house to wash windows and screens and take apart ailing window registers, as part of the major cleaning before we leave effort (she's also having the place painted after we leave...I think she's got ulterior plans....). Somehow they neglected to consult me on the timing of this event and I had no choice but to jump from bed, throw on shorts and t-shirt and head to my current outpost in exile, the public library, where I will spend the morning until I run out of options. At which point I'll head to the beach, still tired but at least surrounded by better scenery.


larramiefg said…
Sounds like a great Saturday to me. *G*

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