29 October 09

Mom and I had a wonderful trip to Evergreen and Colorado Springs. I was surprised at how well Mom fared in the higher altitudes of Colorado. Three years ago when we visited Evergreen she was overcome by the effects of being 7500 feet above sea level after just the second day and spent the rest of the visit in her hotel room, unable to join us as we toured the area. This year, she was amazing. She was there for every house tour, every car trip up and down the mountains as we searched for our home away from home.

We found a couple great prospects and are now just waiting for the right one to come through. We also met some wonderful people through the homes we stayed in via VRBO.com. Our experience with both homes was incredibly positive and I would recommend them as an alternative to hotels for extended stays, especially for families.

So that's where we are.....waiting. Satisfied that we've chosen the right place for us, but anxious that we haven't found the right house. We're now back at home packing up and with plans to rent out our Florida condo as Mom will be joining me in Colorado. We plan to begin a lease on our new home December 1st.


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