1 September

Park City / Heber Valley, Utah was lovely, but not for me. From a physical standpoint it had all the features I am looking for in a prospective hometown, but lacked that 'aha' feeling that would tell me I've found home. It was, however, good to confirm my feelings and to at narrow down the prospects by one more.

So, now we are down to the final two, not surprisingly they are the same two that have remained in that position for most of the past year: Incline Village / Tahoe and Evergreen, Colorado. The choice between the two is between my heart and my head. Incline Village is my heart's desire, I love the feel of the place, the mountains and lake, but I worry whether I will be able to find a job there or a house I can afford. Evergreen is more practical, Denver and the jobs it holds is nearby, the cost of housing is within my budget.
Let me illustrate this dilemma more explicitly: Here's my favorite house: 1011 Apollo Way, Incline Village, Nevada it's currently listed at $1.2 mil. Here's a fairly comparable house in Evergreen, Colorado (and one of my favorites in that area) it's listed at $450,000. I don't know how to reconcile that difference.

That's where I am at present. While I mull this over, I look at websites for each location checking out their houses for rent, which is what I will do when I first move, and then buy once I've found a job. I also continue to pack, this morning I finished off two more boxes before leaving for work. This month I will fly out to the chosen location and rent a house and then arrange the move.

As usual, I don't know where I'm going, but I'm moving forward anyway!


Jennifer S said…
Wow, Suzanne...both choices have such strong elements in their favor. Not sure if this question helps, but will you still look longingly over your shoulder at Tahoe if you choose Evergreen? If there's not a great job in Tahoe, is there a job or business you can create there?

And either, way, can I visit you? :) I know you'll make a good decision, just wish I knew which one to tell you. I see Tahoe for you, but we once considered moving there, so I fell in love with it, too. Mine might not be the most objective opinion.

Both are beautiful, and the same starry sky hangs over both of them. There are things that will make you happy wherever you go, so just trust that you can't make a bad decision for yourself, and maybe one will become clear? xoxo
Todd Disbrow said…
Apollo is a good one...priced right too. My associate Phil Reed has it listed. Are you working with him directly? I know they are motivated to sell. Colorado is a different animal altogether...I can see your dilemma.

larramiefg said…
Choose your heart's desire and everything will fall into place!

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