Encouraging Words for the 'Newly Self-Employed'

Today over at GalleyCat / MediaBistro an inspiring and encouraging interview with Susan Colon, former senior editor at O: The Oprah Magazine who used the time after being laid-off to write a book, Cherries in Winter, which has just been published.

I love these 'making lemonade out of lemons' stories, which are not only the type of stories we need right now, but provide valuable lessons on how to use our time wisely, and just how much we really do have a say in determining our course in life even when big, huge, untimely, ego-threatening obstacles like lay-offs are thrown in our path.

For your convenience and edification, here's the interview from YouTube:


Vodka Mom said…
that was very well said, and very well done.

Keetha said…
Oh, this is great! I remember reading something about that author a while back but I had forgotten about it and I'm so glad to have been reminded.

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