20 July

I've now moved into the mode of looking at houses to rent in Incline Village, Nevada (Lake Tahoe), Truckee, California (near Tahoe) and Evergreen, Colorado (cheaper houses, better economy, more jobs?). Since I don't have a job out west yet buying a house is probably premature, even for me, the perennial cart-before-horse type. Today I am querying property managers in each place asking for monthly rental rates on specific houses I see on their websites. I'm excited to be moving forward again after getting stuck for a while.

The plan is go out there, satisfy my desire for change of seasons, look for work and shop for houses.
When I'm feeling scared about this whole endeavor, I find it helps to take baby steps and sneak up on the thing slowly.

Every day do one thing.


larramiefg said…
The summer is flying by, are you packing yet?

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