1 July

I tried something new today: am trying out Resume Rabbit, a resume delivery service that promises to post your resume on 89 of the most popular job sites. Since I spent most of Saturday doing this myself, I hesitated to pay someone else to continue the effort on my behalf. Then I realized in a cost analysis of resume/hr basis, they were well worth the nominal price. Now let's see the results.

Onto the ongoing location debate: as I mentioned in yesterday's post, there are certain specific criteria that I would love to find in my next community. I listed a few, but I thought it might be a useful excercise if simply for clarification purposes to make a list of them, going into greater detail. I might even share them here. Who knows, maybe someone will read them and say, "I know just the place!"

You know, that old 'put it out there to the Universe' riff? Yeah, that one.

photo credit: Breckenridge, CO


Keetha said…
I have my fingers crossed for you!
Larramiefg said…
We're all out here for you!

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