6 June

Got up this morning ate breakfast, went for a run, did some laundry, walked the dogs, and then headed off to the library. Decided to decidate the day to those career guides I've checked out of the library but avoided reading. Tucked into The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People, by Carol Eikleberry. Despite its dorky title, it's one of the most useful and informative career guides I've read as it offers quick assessments, realistic stats, and encouragement. It pointed me to O*Net a very useful website that offers a variety of free occupational assessments and information. I took the career interest profile, based on the Holland test of career types. The test scores you according to six Holland career types: artistic, social, enterprising, investigative, realistic, and conventional. By selecting your interest or dis-interest to several career scenarios, your interests are ranked in each of six areas.Here is how I scored in each area:

Artistic 27
Investigative 7
Social 5
Enterprising 4
Realistic 0
Conventional 0

The last two scores are spot on, don't you think?

You can then generate a list of careers that are consistent with these interest rankings. Among the careers that had AIS codes and matched my results were: creative writer, editor, librarian (although the last time I asked my local librarian what he thought of me becoming a librarian, he choked back a gafaw and said that would be the equivalent of employing the soup nazi.) Interior designer and set designer were also listed, but I don't see myself doing either. These test results reinforce what I've learned from other career assesments and are consistent with my INFP profile from a recent Myers-Briggs test I took online last month. My 'aha' moment of the day today actually came from the following quote: "Your work environment is likely to be more important than you think and to affect not only your feelings of happiness and self-worth but also your physical health....work environments tend to be dominated by workers of similar type. You will feel most 'at home' in a work environment that fits your career type." I am glad that I kept the commitment I made to myself in yesterday's post.


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