27 June

Today I systematically work my way through a list of online job sites, recruiter sites, specialist sites, creating accounts and posting my resume. It feels great to be productive, though I've realised that there are many, many places to visit. This is a first step, to get my resume out there, to make my presence known. Next comes the follow up, as I know there are millions of others who are doing the same each day in the job hunt. Of course there are also millions of others who are not making the effort. So I'm one step ahead of them!

Interesting tidbit I pick up today: Google: best job search sites returned a host of interesting articles and sites that provide a list of the best job search sites to quickly determine where to post

Also heard from my realtor in Incline Village today about the foreclosure market there which is bringing houses closer to my price range.

BTW, it's pouring rain in sunny FLA, a good day for online endeavors.


Larramiefg said…
Not to confuse you but wonder what Bing has to offer?

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