17 June

I had a breakthrough today. I'm working on my resume. Not just looking at books about resumes or reading job postings on the web, actually revising my resume. I know this doesn't sound like a momentous event, but for the past month I have struggled with a fear block around this project. Every time I approached it I was struck by anxiety and the certainty that I was unqualified to do anything, that any job I actually wanted was beyond my reach so, really, why bother updating a useless resume.

Today, somehow, that didn't stop me from opening my files and getting to work. Sure, the old tape was still playing in the back of my mind, but it was competing with another soundtrack that said, 'hey, this isn't so bad, it might even be mildly entertaining.'

I want to do another shout-out to a book I mentioned in yesterday's blog: Start Where You Are, by Chris Gardner, the guy who inspired the movie The Pursuit of Happyness (based on his memoir). I have/will read many books in the self-help/career search genre this year. So far, Mr. Gardner's book is by far the best I've read (actually listened to as an audiobook). Perhaps because he is speaking from hard-won experience and a real passion to help others, his words ring true and possible. One thought that sticks with me, even though I've heard it before, if you really want to succeed work for yourself. Be an entrepreneur. Work for yourself.

Oh, and I also went for a run this morning. Third one this week.

photo credit: http://www.paragonfineart.com/artists/aldo-luongo.html


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