16 June

At Harvard they call the study period before final exams "Reading Days". It also describes where I am. Last night I finished Creative Careers for Unconventional People and today I've begun 48 Days to the Work You Love. In the car I'm listening to Start Where You Are.

Yes,there is a sameness about the career tests and job hunting strategies that each book offers. But if there is one Golden Rule it is this: Do What You Love. Each book sited personal stories and research that demonstrates that the people who are happiest and most successful in life have discovered what they love to do and found a way to incorporate that into their careers. Of course due to the constraints of talent or circumstances there also seems to be some limits in one's ability to make a financially viable career of one's passion. Which may be why one book suggested making it a hobby with a regular 9-5 job to pay the bills. Which I suppose is the fly in the ointment of Do What You Love and the Money Will Come. Nevertheless, I've made this my totem.

By now I know my personality type from Myers-Briggs, my personal strengths profile from John Holland and my career interests from O*net. It's comforting to find that the results of all three tests present a homogeneous composite of who I am and that it's consistent with who I believe myself to be. I've also found myself writing more, perhaps this armchair career counseling has inspired me to get back to what I really enjoy. And a direction in which to head.


Larramiefg said…
At this point, Suzanne, I think you could write the ultimate guide book on self-discovery. Now there's an idea!

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