11 June

Baby steps

Even the smallest steps keeps my forward momentum going. That was my mantra today. I still haven't decided on a place but I trust that the answer will come by my moving date in September. I remember when I first went to Tahoe is was at the end of a cross-country trip in September, I found the place and then moved into my home there the first of November.
So today, I spent time wandering around real estate websites in different locales, from Incline Village, to Midway, Utah, to the San Juan Islands off the coast of NW Washington state. (which ironically, is where I first planned to move when I left New York in 1994, you may also notice a similiarity in geographical themes between here and Tahoe, they both feature water and mountains).
I have a friend visiting for the weekend so no more updates 'til Monday. Have a great weekend.


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