26 May

Over the past five months I've listened to Steering by Starlight twice in audio book format, driving around town. However, though I've checked it out at least twice from the library, I've yet to get through the hardback and the included exercises. While checking my library book due dates this morning, I realized that the poor book is due at the end of this week and cannot be further renewed. I've resolved to finish the book this week, I've checked it out enough, this has to stop! So, I'll be working on that this week.

I've actually got a tall stack of books in the 'find yourself' genre, all checked out from the library and waiting for me to read them so that they can impart their words of wisdom on my future direction in life. Here's a sampling of the titles:

  • To build the life you want, create the work you love

  • Secrets of the millionaire mind

  • Mortgages for dummies

  • The career guide for the creative and unconventional

  • 48 days to the work you love

I'm not sure whether these titles are 'cringe-worthy' or a sign of a seeking mind, and I guess it actually doesn't really matter. It reminds me of a time years ago when I was so desperate for direction that I went to have my tarot cards read. I don't remember the reading, but apparently it didn't do the trick since I'm still searching. Quite honestly, I'd be happier with myself if I did less searching and more doing.

As to the fear I mentioned in my last post, here's the source: the least expensive house in Incline Village, my first choice location, is currently $525K. My comfort level is $350K. For that amount I can buy a no-frills condo. My fear is that I'm being stupid to move to a place where I can't afford the home that I so dearly want (though ironically there seem to be plenty of houses that I can afford to rent). And I wonder why I can't convince myself to move somewhere less expensive where a house can be purchased. I am honestly torn on this point.

For years I've dreamed of (and saved for) owning a lovely home (my first), one that is roomy enough for friends to visit, where I don't feel cramped. I love Tahoe but is owning a condo (rather than a house) worth the price of admission? I am by turns thrilled to be moving to Tahoe in September and terrified. So here's the source of my fear: Am I being stupidly stubborn and naive by moving there, renting a house, and hoping by some miracle I'll find a house I can afford?

photo credit: http://chinavillamellera.wordpress.com/2009/01/27/fui-la-mate-y-volvi/


larramiefg said…
I'm not being facetious but if you have to ask, you probably already know.
JCK said…
I say go for it! You get yourself there and if there is a rent that works for you, do it. I am reading a book right now, a memoir that I think you would enjoy. It's called The Wishing Year: A House, A Man, My Soul - A Memoir of Fulfilled Desire by Noelle Oxenhandler. It is about a woman at 50 who sets out on an experiment in wish fulfillment. I picked it up at the BlogHer conference last year. And finally started reading it a week ago. Look it up on Amazon or get it at your library. It has your name written all over it. :) Very fun and inspiring.
Amy said…
I think if you look at it or feel as if you are giving something up by doing this, you will not be too satisfied with mountain living, at least in the long run. I have found after a decade in the mountains, (working class) locals make a very conscious lifestyle choice when they decide to settle in to mountain resort living, it is a given, you happily live in a smaller place to be able to live in a small tight knit community, outdoor lifestyle, beautiful landscape. Rent a place for 6 months to a year ... by that time you will surely know if you are in or you are out, regardless the experience will be priceless!

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