20 May

Insomnia continues. Luckily I have some new books to read.

The good news:

  • I received a call from the agency handling long-term rentals in Incline Village. She suggested that I come out in July or August to tour and confirm a lease for September.
  • My computer has been sent back to HP for a new hard drive. It should return in a week or so. In the interim, there's the office and the library.

  • I'm revising my resume. I was invited to apply for another job in Denver, so I did.
  • Reading "To build the life you want, create the work you love". Interestingly I resisted the words at first, now I find them wise and reassuring.

  • I find that FEAR of making the wrong decision, of failure, is my greatest obstacle right now.

photo credit: http://www.lifepurposediscoverysystem.com/blog/uploaded_images/fear-of-failure-768216.gif


larramiefg said…
What is there to fear? Seriously...

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