18 May

Had an interesting deja vu moment today: On Sunday, I was thinking about my old address in Incline: 949 Dana Court. And the number 4 popped into my mind and a $350K price. Then this morning, I received an email via Trulia with the latest listings from Incline. There was only one, it was 949 Dana Ct. #4, with an asking price of $399K. Interesting isn't it?

The realtor who handles long-term rentals in Incline Village has not responded to the online query I sent them on Friday. So I queried them again, twice, today: once via email, once via their website, and then I sent my local realtor there in Incline an email telling her they were being non-responsive. Huh.

My computer has managed to lose it's hard drive...really....when I try to run a diagnostic test to find out why it won't run it says: 'hard disk not found'. Not good. It's still under warranty with HP but it will take two weeks for them to send out a box, ship it, fix it, and ship it back. My concern is that this is the second computer of mine in the past six months that this has happened to...am wondering if this is a security issue or a strange coincidence.

Anyway, no computer. Went to library to use theirs, a sign on the door said they were closed 'due to emergency'. Huh. So, spent weekend reading a book on resume writing and another called "To build the life you want, create the work you love".

And finally a trip back down Memory Lane: back in 1994, when I first left New York, I travelled to the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington, thinking that I would settle there. Today, on a lark, I went to realtor.com and looked up houses on the island....seems I can afford houses there.

This is what a friend of mine once described as stumbling around like a drunken sailor.


San Diego Momma said…
"Stumbling around like a drunken sailor" is so the name of my upcoming memoir. :)
larramiefg said…
You may feel like you're wandering but I think you're headed in the right direction.

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