27 April

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The other day I found the post that I wrote on my other blog after my return trip to Incline Village last year. Here's a link to the post: Lake Tahoe, My Love, although the title says it all, doesn't it? It reflects where my head is at now and where it has been for the past month. My heart is in Lake Tahoe. It's where I want to live. My dilemma is that I don't know how or if I can figure out how to afford a home there.

I've been looking at alternatives in Montana, in the Flathead Lake region where I could easily afford a home, even one with a lake view for $325,000. Should I settle for a house with a lake view I can afford?

The question is: what to do? As I said in that post last August, my heart is in Lake Tahoe.

But how do you follow your heart to a place that seems too expensive to afford?

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larramiefg said…
Do you know why your heart feels this strongly? I keep thinking about mountains, snow, change of seasons and New England feels as good and right...but I'm not your heart.

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