4 March

I've finally gotten off the dime. Today I made reservations to go to Midway, Utah for the last weekend in March. I'll meet with my real estate broker, take a look at some houses and the town. It will be the perfect means to ascertain the validity of my concerns about buying small in Incline versus buying big in Midway (referring to the difference in the real estate cost per square foot).

Then, the second week of April I will head out to Incline Village for a week to look at rental properties as well as what's for sale.

Between these two options, I should be able to select where I want to move and make the move by September, if not sooner.

Now I can focus more fully on the job hunt.

Tomorrow I'm heading to a conference in Orlando so I will out of touch until Monday. I hope you all have a great weekend. We'll continue our journey when I get back!
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LarramieG said…
Might have just missed you...enjoy too!

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