31 March

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Each morning I receive an email update from Trulia with listing updates. This morning there was a very interesting bank owned property in Incline Village. I spent the next few hours emailing back and forth with my real estate agent in Incline. Thanks to her quick investigation, we found out that what I thought was a bargain was in fact a bargain that would entail about $300K in renovations. Ouch. Good news? It proved to me that when something does become available, I will move quickly.

My dear friend Larramie, dispenser of insight and wisdom called me out on 'hedging' my bets in yesterday's post....and she's right, when I want something dearly I often lose confidence and thus hedge to soften the blow of disappointment that I'm sure is just around the corner. So today I'm going to be brave, I am amending the last paragraph of that hedge-y post:

So, one decision has been made: my intention is to find a job and a house in the Lake Tahoe area. I WILL be able to find the successful combination of my intention and the realities of the job market, I will remain open to the best outcome.

There. That's better. (fingers crossed!)


LarramieG said…
Well done, Suzanne. After all, what type of writer would you be without needing to rethink and revise?

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