30 March

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My brother was in town this weekend, so I had the opportunity to talk with him about my options in real estate.

I spent the weekend looking at condos by the beach in this area. My brother pointed out that if I was looking for a bargain, I should go a little further north along the coast where the market was even more depressed and would get even more for my money. He was right, there are some real bargains to be had on the coast about three hours north of here.

In the end, however, it came down to not just finding a bargain, but where I actually wanted to live. I imagined myself buying a place here and then when autumn came staring at the sea and wishing I was watching the leaves change. So I've decided to be at peace with my decision to move out west, specifically the Lake Tahoe area. Now I will focus on finding a job out west. My goal is to move by September so I have five months to find a job. I realize that in the end job opportunities may not come from Tahoe, I may get another one from the Denver market.

So, one decision has been made: my intention is to find a job and a house in the Lake Tahoe area. I hope that I will be able to find the successful combination of my intention and the realities of the job market, I will remain open to the best outcome.

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LarramieG said…
There you go, hedging you wishes before need be. Don't hedge, there still are a good four months for a dream job in Tahoe to ccome through.

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