11 March

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I've decided not to pursue the job in Denver and am now focusing my attentions primarily on the Lake Tahoe region. Quite honestly, it's a bit scary and of course I'm second guessing myself. This is one of those moments when it feels like it would be easier to take the sure thing in front of me rather than holding out for my heart's desire.

For instance, the job in Denver is a sure thing, it's a job. Will I be able to find a job in the Reno / Tahoe area? On the other hand, it's a sales job, which is the one thing I said that I didn't want to do again. But it is a job!

Then there's the cost of housing: Let's say I wanted to spend $450K on a house. In Evergreen, Colorado I could buy a 3,000sf house in Incline Village I could only buy a 1400sf house. Little house versus big house. A possibility is to look at houses in nearby Truckee, California where houses are a little bit less expensive. For the record, Evergreen is a lovely area, it's where I spent the month of September. It doesn't however make my heart leap the way Incline does. What is a leaping heart worth?

Let's see, I could live in a big house doing a job I'm not crazy about or live in a small house doing what job? Will I be able to find a job in the area? By the way, I have contacted a new real estate agent in Incline who I hope will be able to work with me on the search.

So that's where I stand tonight.

Post script: the real estate agent I emailed replied by the time I finished this post! She said she'd be happy to work with me, has houses and condos in my price range, and even sent along a couple links to rental properties. My goal for today was to find an agent to work with...goal accomplished!

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LarramieG said…
You've changed your mind again but I doubt you've changed your heart. PLEASE rent! ;)

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