4 February

  • Submitted resume to new career search engine and applied for another job in the Truckee area
  • Waiting for response from Midway, Utah broker on whether trip is warranted at this time. If not, will go to Truckee or Livingston at end of month.
  • Heard from broker in Midway, sounds like there are houses to see there. My impetus for going there is: 1) that I've never been, so who knows, maybe I'll like it? 2) I can get more house for my money there, 3) the area economy seems to be stronger than others.
  • First place is still Truckee / Tahoe, but shouldn't I investigate every alternative? So, file this under 'leave no stone un-turned', right?
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LarramieG said…
I am SO late today...but will a link excuse my tardiness? This was found early this morning: Using Twitter for Your Job Search. True, this focuses on finding a PR job, but you certainly can figure out how to make it work for you!

Finally, is Midway, Utah located in the middle of the state? *VBG*

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