27 February

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Today was more productive. I contacted a few homeowners in Incline Village through vrbo.com who I would rent from for my week there in April. Next I have to plan the actual dates of my trip and make plane reservations. I also contacted my real estate agent and let him know that I will be coming and that I'd like to look at homes to buy and rent in both Incline Village and Truckee, that will allow me to compare what I can get for the money. If I don't find a job before my planned move, I will rent a home to live in while I look for a job and then buy after I have a job.

I also signed up with another job search engine and cast my net wide by requesting job postings in Nevada (Reno), Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. Hopefully this will allow me to consider a variety of jobs and increase my likelihood of finding one that really works for me, while also being in a location that meets my mountain-ideal.

I've also been listening to Martha Beck's book, Steering by Starlight as I drive around town so I can learn how to replace my negative, anxiety-filled thoughts with more productive focused thinking. Hopefully that will keep me on track, productive, and out of the rut of fear.

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting a friend for a morning run along the beach in Fort Lauderdale and then breakfast at a seaside cafe. Sounds good, huh?! Have a great weekend.

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larramiefg said…
Tomorrow morning sounds wonderful. Take the entire day off, you need a break to clear your head and listen to what you've been learning.

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