2 February

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  • Entered the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest with my first novel.

  • I'm looking again at Bozeman / Livingston, MT and Midway, UT . The next step is to choose one of these places to visit this month, since I haven't been to either. This will help me to narrow the field since I already know that my first preference is the Tahoe / Truckee area, the only thing from going there is the cost of housing is beyond my budget. My second choice location is the Jackson Hole, WY area, however I face the same constraints there.

  • This past weekend a cloud of depression descended, I felt overwhelmed by all this things I am trying to accomplish and certain I was making no progress on any of them. For instance, I lament the fact that I haven't been working on my novel as much as I'd like. But I find that I'm not a great multi-tasker, I can only focus on a limited number of things as once. I was in fact so upset that when I woke up this morning I was ready to quit my job because I was convinced that it was holding me back from moving forward and moving out. Instead, I went to work and got 'stuck in' and a lot accomplished.

  • I realize that I need to prioritize my goals so that I am not overwhelmed by trying to do them all at once. So I made a list of what mattered most to me. Doing this exercise made me realize that the move out west is my first priority. Everything can flow from there. This supposition is bolstered by the fact that during the month I was in Colorado last fall, my mother remarked during a telephone call that this was the first time she'd heard me really laugh in ages.

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LarramieG said…
First of all, I like this new background. You're so creative, Suzanne, yet perhaps a bit too serious. May I suggest that somehow, someway you laugh out loud once a day...even in Florida. *BG*

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