18 February

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  • There was an article in Mossberger's column in today's Wall Street Journal about Trulia.com a very useful real estate website. The site has added some new features that allow a real estate shopper to compare homes, ask questions of local brokers and receive rapid feedback in an open forum which facilitates a variety of sources of info.

  • I went through Trulia's listings for Heber City / Midway as well as other real estate websites for Park City. I keep returning to these sites hoping to convince myself that the affordability of these homes makes up for my utter lack of enthusiasm about even going there for a visit. (I'm laughing at just how ridiculous that sounds, I'm usually the first one to jump on a plane to anywhere!). Which is more valuable, a big house in a place you could care less about or a tiny house in a place you love?

  • I still have not made my plane reservations...my gut is still not giving me a yes. On the other hand, I would gladly get on a plane and fly to Tahoe / Truckee tomorrow.....the only problem is affording a house when I get there and a job to afford the house. What's that old saw? If wishes were horses beggars would ride?

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Larramie said…
Remember the adage: "When in doubt, don't!"

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