17 February

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  • Am reassigning some my accounts at work so I will have more time to travel out west.

  • Had a miserable argument with Mom yesterday which is coloring all my efforts today.

  • Submitted a new article to Skirt! magazine after my first submission was rejected.

  • Searched for homes in Heber City / Midway Utah...but still have not made plane reservations to go out there. I don't know why I am so resistant to the area. They have no Catholic churches in Midway, the closest one is in Heber, however, as a Christian would I have a problem being surrounded by people who do not share my faith? On the other hand, it is the most affordable of the areas I'm looking at. Why am I making excuses not to like the place?
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LarramieG said…
Why the excuses? Your heart belongs to Tahoe and there must be something waiting for you there...or will be soon!

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