29 and 30 January

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Yesterday started out promising and ended up being one of those days when you wish you'd just stayed in bed....

The day started with an inspiring commentary of Genesis 17 during my weekly women's Bible study meeting. I left feeling upbeat. Unfortunately, the day slowly unraveled from there...I was late for a lunch date. At work, I seemed unable to complete the simplest of tasks.

By late afternoon, a major weather front came through which meant that at one point our high temp was 86 F and by evening it had dropped into the 50s. The result was a major headache that literally sent me to bed.

Today I spoke with an HR person of a company in Truckee. She explained that I was overqualified for the positions they had and the starting salary of both would not enable me to afford a house in that area anyhow. She was, however, very nice and said that she would keep me in mind for other positions. We also discussed whether it was more productive to search from afar or to simply move there. I believe once I have decided on an area, that may be the most efficient means to find a job.

I received a form-letter email from an agent that had the first 50 pages of my first novel. Unfortunately, they have chosen to decline representation. This is disappointing.

On the other hand, at work today a small deal that I've been working on has moved a step further to completion.

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