27 January

A Barnes & Noble bookstore in Torrance, Califo...Image via WikipediaToday wasn't the usual day:

  • I went to a broker's luncheon for a commercial property and in the drawing, I won a 46' flat screen TV! So, I took it home and called my sister and gave her the monster 50' TV that has been taking up a corner of our living room. It felt good to pay it forward.

  • I went for a two mile walk/run along the beach as part of my preparation for the 5K I'm running at the end of February

  • On the job front: I went to Barnes and Noble after the run and bought 'Basic Black: the essential guild to getting ahead at work and in life'. I also made a list of other career related books I wanted to read to facilitate my job search. I've decided that this blog and reading and acting on these type of books will keep me moving forward on the fulfillment of my goals.

  • And the TV I won, will stay in its box as a symbolic house warming gift for the new house I'm going to move into by the end of this year.
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Larramie said…
What were the odds, Suzanne? I believe that the TV is symbolic of much more good fortune and "perfect fits" coming your way.

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