21 January

The view from house # 153880

Received feedback from a broker in Bozeman, Montana on the houses I'd picked out from the listings online, here's a sample of the comments:

1). #154202 is located approximately 20 miles north of Helena, Mt. Wolf Creek is located in a mountain canyon with the interstate highway system running through it. Located very close to some wonderful lakes and the Missouri river.

2). #153921 is located in a subdivision named Grandview Heights and is 3-4 miles north of Bozeman. With the right lot, the views are unparalled of the Gallatin Valley. However this property is not on a particularly great lot.

3). #153880 is located in a subdivision named Ponderosa Pines 16 miles north and east of Three Forks, Mt. and 30 miles from Bozeman. Until recently (last 4-5 years) it had a reputation as a fairly tough place to live. Inexpensive land and 16 miles of gravel road to get there.

4). #156065 is located in West Yellowstone, Mt. and is 90 miles south of Bozeman. It is the western gateway to Yellowstone Park. Population somewhere between 3 to 4000. Tourist town in the summer and snowmobile capital of the world in the winter. Incredible, beautiful surroundings. It can be bitterly cold and is prone to large amounts of snow during a long winter season.

5). #157095 is located in the beautiful Paradise Valley south of Livingston, Mt. Livingston is located 24 miles east of Bozeman and is at the northern end of the most scenic valley in the state. Blue ribbon trout fishing on the Yellowstone river. The north entrance to Yellowstone Park is located 25 miles south of Pray, Mt. where this listing is located. this area can be VERY windy during the winter and spring but...the people who live there don't seem to mind. The scenery is worth making a trip here to check it out.

I appreciate that the broker's comments were honest and expansive. It's also clear that I need to plan a trip out there to see the area if I am going to pursue this avenue further.


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