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I've started a new, or adjunct, or offshoot, I'm not sure what to call, to post my Work in Progress, which is absurdly also what the new place is called. You can get there by clicking on the highlighted link or in the right hand column you'll find another handy link. I've posted a new chapter in The Glass Mystery. It's actually pretty steamy in a culinary sorta way, although perhaps not as steamy as the kissing scene I started reading in The Very Virile Viking (I kid you not, I almost bought it just for the title!) as I stood in CVS waiting for my brother to pick up the latest fishing magazine.

A View From Table One will continue to be my main blog, and at the moment it's evolved into a weekly format of whatever grain of sand has crawled into my oyster shell. I'll post the articles on Mondays. (of course, now that I've announced this decision, I'll suddenly be inspired to write articles three times a week instead of once and post them who knows where...that's just the perverse way my mind approaches decisions). However, this is what inspired me to put my novel in progress in a home of its own, hence the whole point of this belabored announcement.

BTW, the other day I found a very neat website that offered very pretty Blogger background designs for the Minima layout......and now of course, I've forgotten where it was... I think it was called 'creative...' something-or-other.....if you know of anywhere I can find fun background designs for Blogger please leave a link in the comments section, I'd like to try out something a little more colorful at the new place.

UPDATE: just as I finished writing that last request I went googling one last time....and found the site. So, just above my usual Blog List (see below, right) I've created a new blog list: Make it Pretty, which has a few places I've found with pretty blog designs. Feel free to send me links to others you like and I'll add them. Now I just have to pick out and install the new decor next door.
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JCK said…
I think that is a great idea to have a blog dedicated to your work in progress. I'll definitely be by.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Suz!
cce said…
My hat's off to you...I can't even keep up with one blog, never mind two. I'll keep checking on you here and there and see how this dual blogging thing goes. Happy New Year.
LarramieG said…
It feels both exciting and productive to recreate, doesn't it? ;)

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