A Change Will Do You Good

This song has been playing in an endless loop in my mind. Wonder if it's presaging something or just wishful thinking? I haven't made any grand decisions, or garnered any insights since my last post. There is still a lingering sadness that is hanging about, but there is an equal force that is pushing me to continue moving forward, to not give up, to try again.

Over the weekend, a friend sent a profound email about the search for happiness. I'm still digesting the contents and reassessing how I measure that chimera. Factoring into the equation will be how I provide companionship for Mom at the same time that I work towards those life dreams I've held onto for so long. It's going to be a delicate balance. I've got some thinking to do, some books to read, some decisions to make. I hope that I will be able to write about that process here.

I guess a haircut is as good a place to start as any...up next, how about another chapter in The Glass Mystery?

P.S. Thank you for your very kind comments on the last post. They were greatly appreciated...really truly!
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Anonymous said…
Oh Suzanne, you look amazing! Definitely a cute cut on you...your face looks like a models. My word, what people wouldn't give for your skin babycakes! Delicious.

Juicy Jenn
Keetha said…
You're welcome. :-)

We're cheering for you. And great haircut, by the way. You look fabulous.

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