Barber's Adagio: Music for Literature

I wasn't planning to post tonight and then, just before shutting down my computer for the night, this piece of music came tapping at the back of my mind. Perhaps it was yesterday's posting of the chapter describing a certain heart wrenching scene from Crime and Punishment. Or perhaps it was the cloudy, rainy weather we've been experiencing here.

It is an exquisite piece which by turns makes me mourn days gone by or want to get in the car and take a scenic drive on a rainy day, with a belief that I am certain to see the outline of silvery light tearing away the edge of cloud and suggesting the possibility of new begininngs.

I've even used it as a line in one of my novels, when I had the main character state that she would like to have it played at her funeral. (Ok, I admit, that sounds creepy, but it's a murder mystery.)

I dare you to listen to Barber's Adagio without feeling transported to a feeling, or a memory. It is one of those wonderfully evocative pieces of music whose experience is as much about feeling as listening.

You tube credit: skyblue999
Conductor:Leonard Bernstein


Anonymous said…
This piece of music does not fail to bring on intense emotion for me. When I was thirteen, a man who molested me in a car in front of my house bought this album for me (he was a grad student in music). He said he had every note memorized and wanted me to know "beautiful music." After this happened I listened to it obsessively over and over. It breaks my heart to hear it.
Thank you for leaving a very touching comment. I am saddened by your experience, and absolutely amazed by the powerful impact of this piece of music. I will certainly think of your message the next time I listen to it.

Thank you again for commenting here, I hope you will visit again.


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