A Golden Journal's Day at the Beach

After a week of rather contemplative posts, I thought that you and I were in need of a little light hearted fun....a day at the beach. Luckily for me, I live a short five minute drive from these golden shores. So, grab your sunglasses and sun screen and join me.

Yes, that is my real journal. When I need to clear my mind, I grab a book, my journal, and head to the beach. I'm one of those individuals who need to get away from time to time to 'recharge' in solitude. My favorite place to recharge has always been the beach.

The soothing properties of the ocean are well known, from the gentle rush of the waves across the sand, the positive ions of salt water, the everchanging scenery, or the comraderie of being around other people who are also having a wonderful day.

I think it's actually due to the happy memories I have of beach days as a child. The beach was always a place where I felt safe and free and as if the world was filled with possibilities, symbolized by the mystery of the distant offshore horizon.

Although I didn't get to the beach until late afternoon....an attempt to preserve my wrinkle free complexion for a day longer, there were still plenty of others enjoying the day. In fact, there was something of a carefree festive atmosphere, no earnest sunbathing gods, lots of families making the most of each lingering hour.

I sat near the pier on this trip.

They charge a dollar for sightseers, two dollars for fisherman. The tourists stroll out to the end, admiring the view.

Unobtrusively, they will stand behind one of the fisherman and then bend slightly at the waist to look in the buckets of water holding the little fish that are their live bait. The fisherman will answer the same old questions, do you catch much, what do you catch, have you every caught a shark, what about a barracuda? The answers to all these questions are generally 'yes'.

High school kids hang out in groups on the other side of the pier. Surfing is not big here, (except in summer, when a tropical storm is on the way in or out) simply because we don't have the waves....but boogie boards, or wave skimmers, are very popular.

Seeing these kids reminded me of my own high school days, and my trips to this same beach. Times seem not to have changed this ritual of adolesence.

There are a lot of things I love about the beach. The sky is one of them.

Perhaps it is the expanse of wide open sky that draws my eye upward. I never fail to find some fascinating cloudscape. I know, the scientific explanation has to do with weather patterns, a cold front moving in, a wind swept clouds, the towering cumulous clouds that sail by like schooners.

Feeling refreshed and once again at peace, I head home. Just as I drive over the Intracostal Bridge, I'm compelled to pull over to capture a perfect end to the day....the exquisite sunsets we are blessed with in my home state.


Kelsie said…
Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I really appreciate that you took the time to look at it and comment!

Those are some beautiful pictures you took!
laurie said…
wow. actual sand. sunlight. flesh. green.


Anonymous said…
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Gypsy at Heart said…
You changed the name of the blog???? I actually like a Golden Journal better. Oh! These photos of yours make me long for the beach so much. You can't imagine. The days are sunny and the skies are blue here in Houston but there is no smell of the sea. I envy you so. You described it beautifully well too. Some people have the power to describe the world well. That's you.

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