Titles for Silver Cord

I am mulling.......

Generally, I discover the the title of a book almost as soon as I begin writing it. And certainly, as this book has gone through its numerous drafts, it has had numerous titles, each fitting that stage of its evolution. But now, in it's final incarnation, I find myself drawing blanks...which is downright scary.

I come up with titles and then decide they are either stupid ("e.g. "Wounded for Our Transgressions") or already taken ("The Sun Also Rises").

There's a lot of stuff going on in this book, but the bottom line is that I want to convey that life seems to repeat itself, that the mistakes we have made in the past could have happened at any point in history, we are not necessarily evolving forward, sometimes, history does repeat itself.

Taking my evening walk, I came up with the following:
  • Circle Round Me
  • The Circularity of our History
  • Another Unholy War
Somehow I have a feeling they are destined for the same pile as "We are Destined to Repeat Ourselves", which I'm pretty sure I came up with around this same time, last night....

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